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The Intensive Italian Interaction method

The Intensive Italian Interaction is a holistic and creative approach: it is based on the natural instinct that the child has to learn by playing, combined with the use of imagination and creativity to support him/her in the learning process.


The Intensive Italian Interaction method offered by Il Grillo Parlante is based on development theory, it is linked to the Early Years Foundation Statutory Framework (EYFS) and to a model I learned from speech and language therapists. 

I experienced first hand the benefit of this teaching style and I have used it in my years working as a Nanny to enhance the Italian fluency of the children I was caring for. I have used this successfully with children who were learning english as a second language, children with speech delay, selective mutism and autism.

The sessions have a standard format this is to help the child familiarise with a routine and to have a consistency. These two points are important to make the child feel safe, secure and happy to learn. The games we will play are planned based on your child interest and level of development.


With my sessions I aim to help your child develop:

  • Early communication skills

  • Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Attention and listening skills

  • Understanding of language

Expressive language

  • Vocabulary

Confidence and self-esteem

  • Social interaction

My approach

My personal rapport with children is based on my own playful spirit and the respect for children's uniqueness.

Children can sense that I enjoy being with them and that I am attuned to them while we play together.

There is an important bonding process that takes place through play; based on connectedness and creativity I will develop an atmosphere of safety and trust which is crucial at this stage of development.

This approach makes learning Italian feel like a fun adventure and the world a magical place to explore.


Next steps

Before the first session you will be required to complete a questionnaire so when I come to visit you for the first time I will have a basic knowledge of the child stage of general development, communication and interests.


You can choose from different packages in the services page. I divided them in block of 10 sessions because this is the minimum time required to see and experience progress in the child.


Based in the familiar environment of your own home, I will spend 45 minutes of Intensive Italian Interaction with your child.

After I will spend 15 minutes with you talking about activities to support the session during the week. Considering the child age and feelings in the first session one of the parents will be required to stay in the room with us. Depending on how the child feels, in the following sessions the parents are free to leave the room. 

Development research tells us that interactive experiences play the most important role in early language learning.

And this is what I offer, by holding your child's hand and accompanying him/her through a stimulating, creative, experience with a professional Italian speaker.

Call me to request your child's  first time one to one session today!


Serenella 07423397007

Il Grillo Parlante: have fun, speak Italian!

Il Grillo Parlante is available for new bookings from now. All the services will commence the week of the 16th of September.

If I am fully booked I will reserve a place for you as soon as I am available.

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