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Serenella Noseda

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About Serenella

My Background

I am an Italian native speaker from lake Como who has lived and worked in London for 9 years.

My family comes from a long tradition dedicated to teaching. My great-great-grandfather Francesco Cazzulani was the founder of the Cazzulani boarding school in Lodi. My great Aunties were teachers as well as my Grandmother, my Aunts and my Mother. From her, who was my first teacher, I learned a great deal from an early age in the years when, leaving primary school, I found myself spending a few hours with her in the kindergarten where she worked.

I have always enjoyed being with children; I love to teach them by playing with them and by transforming everyday activities into an opportunity to learn. I enjoy the repetitive aspect of play and I am never bored of reading the same story or listening to the same song. I know that if the child asks for the same thing over and over it is because s/he likes the activity and needs to internalise it as part of the learning process. I like making animal noises, expressive faces and capturing the child’s attention.  


I am a creative person who enjoys making props for play, painting, storytelling and songs. All of this is an integral part of my work with children.


Work history

I have worked as Nursery Assistant, as a Nanny and I run an Italian group for children from 0 to 4.

In all of these settings I have worked with families who use a minority language at home.

The idea of Intensive Italian Interaction comes from this work experience combined with the needs I have seen arise from the large number of expatriate Italians coming to live in London.

I have an NVQ childcare level 3 qualification and worked as a Nursery Assistant in Hackney for 3 years.

This provided me with the opportunity to work with children from a broad range of cultures, many of whom’s first language was not English. During those years I have learnt techniques to support them learning English as a second language and in this context I became aware of the various and sometimes complex challenges children and their families faced when confronted with learning a new language.


After that experience I worked as a Nanny for 4 years with children who had one of the parents speaking Italian. In those years I had the chance to see how it can be difficult to keep a minority language alive when living in London. I listened to what were the parents desired outcomes concerning the minority language and I thrive to support the children and the parents to do so.

Form 2017 I set up in Hackney the group "Il Grillo Parlante Italian songs, rhyme and storytelling", where I aim to help children and parents from different backgrounds to learn Italian: many of the families who take part consist of an Italian and non-Italian pairing. I understood therefore that both their children would benefit from learning Italian, but also their parents. I also wanted to provide expatriate Italian families with a means of connecting with and experiencing Italian culture.

I am currently collaborating with the Round Chapel Nursery in Hackney where, once a week, I entertain the children. With a mix of Italian and english I teach them Italian words trough play.


Professional training and qualification:

  • Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce

  • Ofstead Registered childcare provider

  • Safeguarding

  • DBS (formerly CRB)

  • First aid

  • Understand development of English as a second language

  • Clowning training 

  • Storytelling

  • Makaton signs

  • Children’s book illustrations 

  • Writing dance

  • Graphic Design

  • Art and craft Diploma

My Story

Once upon a time there was a child who wanted to be a teacher, a painter,

a craftsman, a singer and a writer.

She wanted to have a special and unique job that, like a Russian doll, would

contain many other jobs so she would never get bored with it!


Once she became a woman and was looking for her ideal job,

she left her country to find her place in the world.


She arrived in a big city with her huge luggage full of ideas and started to follow, one after another, different roads.

One day she saw a nice little path that led her to work with children. Then something magical happened; she found herself doing all of the things she loved to do: singing, storytelling, blowing bubbles and discovering the world every day with new eyes!


She worked in a nursery then as a Nanny and in the meantime started Il Grillo Parlante Italian songs, rhymes and storytelling and learned a lot from all these experiences.


Is that it? No it is not. She wanted to be able to spread her acquired knowledge and experience to support, with everything she loved to do, children in bilingual families, as a tribute to her native country and to the beauty of her own native language.

That's what she wanted to do and she did.


This is how the idea of Intensive Italian Interaction was born!

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